The middle of a journey.
The scenery you see, the birdsongs you hear, the scent of nostalgic flowers you smell…
We would like you to have a comfortable time surrounded by unforgettable memories.
Pack a fun extraordinary time into your bag and start on a new day.

The theme of the art project is "Collection".
It came from an image that is colored by various "memories" we have collected while strolling in Tokyo.

Bank Bed Gallery is pleased to introduce works by artists who are based in Tokyo.
The art works as the "memories" can be traveled with you. We hope that you will find your favorite piece.



By cutting out and reconstructing the biological characteristics and the visual features of plants, Kimura aims to show the the existence of the plants from a fresh perspective to the eyes of the viewers.

Azu Kimura / 木村 亜津

Shimamoto cuts out various scenes that are happening daily in Tokyo with his own perspectives. Like the noise of the needle of LP records, his work gives us comfort and nostalgia. He also continuously engages in art activities such as hosting art events at scrapped buildings around the city.

Joji Shimamoto / 嶋本 丈士

  • Kifumi Ebizuka / 海老塚 季史
  • Kifumi Ebizuka / 海老塚 季史

Ebizuka collects things from various countries and regions, and develop them to her work by using the technique of dyeing and weaving. The series of the plastic shopping bags stuff memories from the traveling as an important souvenir so that we can bring them back home.

Kifumi Ebizuka / 海老塚 季史

Using pipe dyeing, a traditional Japanese handicraft method, Fujisawa draws and dyes pastel images on fabric. Her work is a world mixed with plants, animals and nature, making a story in fabric.

Mayu Fujisawa / 藤沢 まゆ

Kubota is interested in changes in meaning caused by the passage of time. The images photographed her room are printed on soft Japanese paper. By grasping and squashing the paper, Kubota expresses the existence that can be changed to any shapes.

Miki Kubota / 窪田 美樹

Unno's ideas are come up with imagining a surrounding environment rather than an event itself, and various scenes are uniquely drawn in Japanese paintings. All the places and characters in his work are supporting player and the main at the same time.

Ryota Unno / 海野 良太

Anything can be seen in everyday life are overlapped and pilled up in the works of Moriizumi. Through his work, the various everyday things that are happening somewhere in the world can be overlooked. Find a scene where you can link with or sympathize with yourself.

Tomoya Moriizumi / 森泉 智哉



Bank Bed Galleryでは、東京をベースに活動しているアーティストの作品を少しずつ紹介いたします。